Troubleshooting YouTube connection

Troubleshoot your YouTube connection with Creasquare

Written by NuraghLast update 3 months ago

If you encounter any problems while adding a YouTube channel, check the following solutions to solve them.

You receive an error on your YouTube channel related to videos being deleted or rejected because they are longer than 15 mins

To fix this issue, you need to verify your YouTube account in order to activate the YouTube studio advanced features. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. In the lower left corner select Settings

  3. Navigate to Channel and Feature eligibility

  4. Follow the steps to verify your account and access the advanced features

  5. You should now be able to upload videos more than 15 minutes long

You get the error message “Maximum Daily Limit Reached”?

YouTube has unadvertised limits on how many videos you can upload per day. Trying to push past the limit might get your account temporarily suspended.

If you are uploading a batch of videos and you experience this issue, we recommend you try to publish 10 videos or so at a time and wait 24 hours between each upload. Repeat the process until all your episodes are on YouTube.

If you also noticed that some of your videos are published to YouTube and some have errors, it is possible you are uploading too many videos to YouTube in a short period of time.

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