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To get the most out of Instagram with Creasquare, your Instagram Business or Creator account needs to be connected to your Facebook Business Page. By following the steps below, you can make sure you are all set! Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy!

Instagram has three types of profile: Personal, Business, and Creator. For full access to the Instagram features available in Creasquare, you need to have an Instagram Business or Creator account.

Step 1 - Settings of your Business or Creator Instagram account

Check your Instagram profile type

If you’re not sure what type of Instagram profile you have, here’s how to find out:

  1. Open the Instagram app, go to your profile, and select the profile menu in the top right.

  2. Select Settings, and then select Account.

  3. On the Account page, scroll to the bottom.

  4. The options you see there tell you what type of Instagram profile you have.

    • Personal profiles show the Switch to Professional Account option.

    • Creator profiles show the Switch to personal account and Switch to business or Creator account options.

    • Business profiles show the Switch to personal account and Switch to creator account options.

Learn more about the different account types on Instagram's help center About Professional Accounts.

Connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page

  1. In an incognito browser page, sign in to Facebook.

  2. Select Pages on the left, and then select the desired Page.

  3. Select Settings at the bottom of the Manage Page menu on the left.

  4. Select Instagram from the Page settings menu.

  5. Select Connect account.

  6. Enter your Instagram credentials and then select Log In.

  7. Now onto the next step to connect your instagram account to Creasquare!

Note : Only one Instagram profile can be connected to a Facebook Page and vice versa. See How do I create a Facebook Page? if you need to create a new one.

Warning : Confirm that you have an Admin or Editor Page role for the Facebook Page if it's a Classic Page type or Facebook access with full control or partial control on a New Page type. See the Facebook help article How do I see what my role is on a Facebook Page?.

If the desired Page is in Facebook Business Manager, you need management access to the Page in the Business Manager account. Learn more with the Facebook help article Add People to Your Business Manager.

Step 2 - Connect your Instagram and Facebook Page to Creasquare

To connect your Instagram business account to Creasquare, follow these steps :

  1. In a new browser window, log out of Instagram and Facebook.

  2. In Creasquare, go to Connections, and then select Instagram.

  3. Log in to Facebook.

  4. Enter your Facebook account credentials, and then select Log in.

  5. Creasquare displays the list of Facebook Pages you have access to, which ones you have an Admin or Editor role for, and which ones have connected Instagram Business profiles.

Important: We always suggest choosing 'Select All' Pages when prompted. You will still be able to select which Facebook Page you’re setting up a profile for when directed back to Creasquare. If you unselect Facebook Pages in this screen that were added to Creasquare previously, this will remove our access and those Facebook Pages will then need to be reconnected.

  1. Select Add beside the Instagram Business profiles you want to add to Creasquare

  2. And that’s it! You’re all Done!

Note: If you update security details, such as the email or password for the Instagram account that previously connected Facebook Page, you will be required to reconnect related profiles before they can be used again. Access can also be removed by Instagram or Facebook for other security reasons which will also require reconnection.

If you see “There is no Instagram business profile linked to this Facebook Page” or “Your Page role must be admin or editor to add this Instagram profile” or your Page does not appear at all, see Troubleshooting Instagram connection.

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