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See how to connect a YouTube account

Written by NuraghLast update 3 months ago

To get the most out of YouTube with Creasquare, follow the steps below to connect your Youtube Channel.

Step 1 - Adjust your settings

First, your YouTube channel needs to be linked to a Google account. To verify whether your Google account owns a YouTube channel, sign in to your YouTube account settings page. Your YouTube channel should be listed there.

During the connection process, you will be asked for the Google Account’s email and the password. You may also be asked to verify your identity with the phone number linked to the Google account.

Step 2 - Connect your YouTube channel to Creasquare

  1. In a separate browser tab or window, log out of YouTube.

  2. In Creasquare, go to Connections, and then select Add new YouTube Channel.

  3. Login with your Google credentials, then select the Google account that owns the YouTube channel.

  4. Select the YouTube channel you want to connect to Creasquare

  5. Select all and Allow all

  6. That’s it! You’re all set to start publishing to YouTube.

Note: It is not recommended to upload the same video to the same YouTube channel more than once. YouTube removes duplicate videos.

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