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See how to connect LinkedIn personal and LinkedIn pages to Creasquare.

Written by NuraghLast update 3 months ago

To get the most out of LinkedIn personal and LinkedIn pages with Creasquare, please follow the steps below, you can make sure you are all set! Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy!

LinkedIn's users can connect up to 50 Pages, including Business, Showcase and University Pages.

Step 1 - Adjust your settings

First, you will need to log in with your LinkedIn personal account to access your managed pages. So make sure that your personal LinkedIn account is a Super admin of the Pages you want to connect to Creasquare.

Step 2 - Connect your LinkedIn account to Creasquare

  1. In a separate browser tab or window, log out of LinkedIn.

  2. In Creasquare, go to Connections, and then select Add new LinkedIn profile.

  3. Login with your LinkedIn personal credentials

  4. Then select the LinkedIn pages that you want to connect to Creasquare and save

  5. That’s it! You’re all set to start publishing to your LinkedIn personal and pages.

Note: You can connect as many LinkedIn profiles as you need to Creasquare! Just repeat the procedure for each account.

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