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See how to connect Facebook groups and pages

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To get the most out of Facebook with Creasquare, follow the steps below to connect your Facebook pages and groups.

Step 1 - Adjust your settings

Make sure that your personal Facebook account has management permissions for the Page or group you want to add to Creasquare. You must sign in with your account to give Creasquare access to your Pages and groups. However, you don't need to add your personal Facebook profile to Creasquare.

For Facebook Pages, do the following:

  • You need to ensure that your Facebook account is Admin or Editor of the Page. You can do this on the Facebook Page or through Facebook Business Manager. See more in the Facebook help center: Manage Page Settings. We recommend to use two-factor authentication for your Facebook account (see the Facebook help Turn on Two-factor Authentication for Business Manager).

  • Due to some Facebook limitations, Creasquare cannot recognize role permissions inherited from the parent page.

For Facebook groups, do the following:

Step 2 - (For groups only) Connect Creasquare app to your group

This is a mandatory step required by Facebook for all groups that you want to manage with Creasquare. You will need to complete these steps on a computer. These settings are not available on mobile devices.

  1. Log-in into your Facebook account with the appropriate rights for the group you want to connect to Creasquare.

  2. Navigate to the group's settings, scroll down to advanced settings and click the edit icon next to "Apps"

  3. Select "Add apps"

  4. Search for "Creasquare" and select the Creasquare app in the results

  5. Click "Add", and that's it! Now to step 3.

Step 3 - Connect your Pages/Groups to Creasquare

  1. In a separate browser tab or window, log out of Facebook.

  2. In Creasquare, go to Connections, and then select Add new connection.

  3. Enter the Facebook account credentials, and then select Log in.

  4. Select Continue as [your Facebook profile name]. This does not add your profile to Creasquare, it only authorizes Creasquare to access any Pages or groups associated with it.

  5. Authorization prompt with a list of what Creasquare will receive. Select all.

  6. Select Continue to give Creasquare the permissions to manage the Pages, groups that you choose to add. Don’t worry, you haven’t added anything yet!

  7. Select Add beside the Pages, groups, and profiles you want to add to Creasquare, and then select Done.

Important: We strongly suggest always choosing 'Select All' Pages when prompted. You will still be able to select which Facebook Page you’re setting up a profile for when directed back to Creasquare. If you unselect Facebook Pages in this screen that were added to Creasquare previously, this will remove our access and those Facebook Pages will then need to be reconnected.

Note: If you update your security details, such as the email or password for the Facebook Admin account that previously connected Facebook Page profiles, you will be required to reconnect the profiles before you can use them again. Access can also be removed by Facebook for other security reasons, which will require reconnection.

Is your Page or group not appearing, or appearing grayed out? See Troubleshoot problems adding a Facebook account.

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