🦺 Troubleshooting Failure to Post

See how to troubleshoot a post failure if an error occurs

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When a post or scheduled post fails to be published, you can use the following checklist to narrow down the cause of the problem.

Before you begin

Make sure you’ve correctly added your social accounts to Creasquare in the Connections tab. To learn more, see Social media connections to Creasquare. Then, make sure you are uploading content that answers each platforms’ requirements in terms of format, size and community guidelines.

Finally, make sure you have gone through the following checklist before posting:

A. Have you tried to publish more than once?

In most cases, a momentary glitch occurs between Creasquare and social networks. This can be because of a social network overload or updates. In such a case, your post might succeed if you try again in a few minutes.

B. Is the social account you’re trying to publish connected to Creasquare?

Even if your social account seems to be connected, we recommend trying reconnecting it anyway, this fixes most cases of publishing issues. See My social account got disconnected for further instructions.

C. If you’re publishing to Instagram or Facebook, did you make sure to check each social accounts requirements?

To publish to Instagram or Facebook you need to make sure your social accounts answer the publishing requirements. For more information about each social media account requirements, check our social media connections articles.

D. Do the images in your post meet the social network’s requirements?

Sometimes the file format, file size, or aspect ratio can cause post failures. See Social Media Management Tool 101 to make sure the published content meets the requirements of the social network you’re publishing to.

E. Is your post potentially being flagged by the social network?

Each social media network has its own rules to protect users from spam and inappropriate content. A social media network reserves itself the right to reject the content you are trying to publish if it doesn’t follow the community guidelines. For example if your post is a duplicate or contains abusive content, social media networks will limit your access, delete your post and might even suspend your account.

Social account is disconnected

Social media accounts can be disconnected from Creasquare because of updates made on social network platforms. A disconnected account won’t be able to publish content.

Try reconnecting the social media account to Creasquare:

  1. Go to connections, and then select the cross next to your account to disconnect it

  2. Select New to reconnect an account by entering the social account credentials (username and password) and re-authorize the connection to Creasquare.

See Social media connections for more details.

Social network is temporarily limiting your access

Each social media network protects their platforms from instability and their communities from abusive content by limiting the number of actions users can take within certain time frames.

Limits differ for each social media network, depending on the action (such as publishing or commenting), and factors like speed and quantity if the same action is occurring repeatedly. Unfortunately, it is difficult to prevent as no social networks are disclosing these limits.

If you have reached a limit, you must wait for it to reset. We recommend waiting for at least 24 hours for the limit to reset before trying to publish again. You can save your post as a draft in the meantime.

Post is a duplicate

Each social media network compares the text of any new post with your recent posts before publishing, it is a duplication check. If you repeatedly post identical or nearly identical content, your account can be flagged by the social networks for violating their policies.

For more details, see :

We recommend that you customize your content for each post, to be unique and authentic:

  • Don’t try to publish the same content multiple times, and make sure duplicates are spaced well apart over time.

  • Publish to groups with no more than three to five social accounts at a time.

Post contains abusive content

Each social network reserves itself the right to reject content if they or their users flag content as abusive. If you're not sure why your content was rejected, read the social network terms of service. You can also test the post by publishing it directly in the social network and reviewing the social network's response:

Common failure reasons

Lastly, many failures are linked to common connections errors explained in the following articles:

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