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See how to manage your publishing schedule with the content calendar

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We know how much time goes into planning your content, so we built this content calendar to help you stay organized and productive. Visualize all your upcoming posts so you can give them one last look before it’s published!

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What is the Content Calendar?

What is a content creator without their social calendar? Oversee all of your published and scheduled content across all your social media, in a single view.

You can view and manage your social media posts in one place with Content Calendar. Review weekly and monthly views of your scheduled posts, and plan new content based on what you already have scheduled. You can create new posts at any time, and reschedule, edit, or delete already scheduled posts.

Our Content Calendar also shows you all your published content. Published content is available from the past year.

You can navigate the content calendar using the top navigation bar. The date displayed corresponds to the current day, or the first day of the week/month when you navigate to a week other than the current one.

Selecting “Today” will get you back to the current date.

The scheduled posts are color-coded on the calendar to facilitate viewing experience. Facebook posts will be shown as Blue, TikTok as Black, YouTube as Red and Instagram as Purple.

Scheduling a New Post

On the content calendar, scheduling a new post is fast and easy. In the top left corner, simply select “New” to open the Post scheduling editor. Check out our Post Scheduling article for more information.

Weekly & Monthly view

Take advantage of our calendar’s weekly or monthly views to get ahead of your work and save time in the long term!

Simply select “Weekly” for a weekly view of the calendar and its posts, or switch to “Monthly” for a monthly view of all your posts. The calendar’s week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday in the weekly view.

On the Monthly view, your scheduled posts are condensed into a day. If you have more than 3 scheduled posts for a day, the posts will be condensed. You can click on the day’s tile to display the rest of the scheduled posts for that day.

Note: The calendar’s weekly view displays your posts in a 30-min increment. This is only to simplify the viewing experience for you. The scheduled post itself will be published to the corresponding social media on the due time that you have scheduled.

Time Zones

Want to see at what time your post will be seen by your audience depending on their location? It is simple and straightforward with the Time Zone feature of the Content Calendar!

In the top right corner of the calendar, select the Time zone dropdown. You can select any time zone, it will automatically reflect the change on the scheduled posts present in your calendar. You can also search for any time zone by typing into the time zone search bar.

Furthermore, you will notice that the time and day of the posts change depending on the time zone you select.

Note: You can set up your default Time zone in your account settings. Select your icon in the top right corner of the screen, select settings, and in the General tab change your time zone. Find more information about your account settings.

Quick Edits

Take advantage of our clean and easy to use interface to quickly edit your upcoming work. Simply click on a scheduled post inside the calendar to access the scheduled posts’ editing modal. Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made, you can schedule the post again to save your changes.

You can also delete any future scheduled post off the calendar, or save them as a draft to unscheduled them, so you have more time to do your work.

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