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How to manage your Creasquare account

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You can manage your Creasquare account and plan settings in the same place. You can update your payment information, change your plan type, change your billing frequency (monthly or yearly), change your email and password, and delete your account.

To modify your account settings, you need to access your account settings page. Once you are connected to your account on app.creasquare.io, move your cursor to your avatar in the top right corner of the screen. In the dropdown menu, select Settings.

Before we begin - Verify your email address

As part of our security measures, we ask every customer to verify their email address. This is the case for every new customer. Non-verified accounts will have a persisting banner at the top of their dashboard in the app.

Thanks to the email verification process, we can ensure a smooth customer support process, including access to support tickets of your team in one place.

How to verify your email for additional security?

When you create your Creasquare account on app.creasquare.io, you’ll receive an email asking you to verify your email address. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to the email inbox associated with the email address connected to your Creasquare account

  2. Locate the email from noreply@creasquare.io or noreply@creasquare-prod.firebaseapp.com with the subject line “Verify your email”

  3. Open the email and click the link that says Confirm email to verify your email address.

You didn’t receive the verification email?

Didn't receive the email from noreply@creasquare.io or noreply@creasquare-prod.firebaseapp.com that you expected? Here are the main reasons that could be the case:

  1. First, double-check that you've logged in into the inbox associated with the email address you have on file with Creasquare.

  2. If you’re still not seeing the email in your inbox, look in your Spam or Junk folders to see if it was rerouted there. If you find the email, please mark it as "Not Spam" or move it to your proper inbox to prevent further issues.

  3. Finally, a new web browser page and login to your Creasquare account to see if the banner at the top is still there. If there isn’t a banner, you’re all set!

Note: If you are unsure that your email address was verified, please contact us directly at hello@creasquare.io, we will check your account directly.

General account settings

In the general account settings, you can modify the following settings linked to your account:

  • First name and Last name - Please use your real name, as it is a safety measure for us to ensure the payment legitimacy.

  • Email address - Make sure you have access to the email address account you fill in.

  • Your organization (option) - If you have one, please fill in your organization’s legal registered name in its delivered state.

  • Your default Timezone - You can set the default timezone of the whole application here. The default timezone will influence the way the content calendar will display information. Learn more in the Content Calendar article.

Changing password

When you access the password tab you can change your password by filling in your new password and confirming it one more time. An automatic email will be sent to you to confirm the modification.

You must use a secure password, at least 8 characters long, including numbers and special characters. You must keep your password to yourself, do not share it with anyone under any circumstances.

Deleting your account

To cancel your Creasquare account, simply drop us a line in the chat box located on the bottom right of your screen or write us at hello@creasquare.io.

Resetting a forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password and are unable to login, please follow these steps:

  1. Open https://app.creasquare.io/forgot into a new browser window

  2. Fill out your email address and check your email for a link to reset your password

If you haven't received the email containing the link to reset your password, please make sure to:

  • Check your spam folder

  • Check if there is another email address that you might have created your account under

If you still haven’t received the reset email, please contact us.

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