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See how you can claim your reward for submitting a review about Creasquare

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When submitting your opinion that get posted on popular review websites, you are eligible for a reward.


You are eligible for a review for submitting your opinion about Creasquare on popular review websites.

You will need to provide proof of submitting of the review coming from yourself. It can be a screenshot of the confirmation email or the confirmation screen.

review example 2review example

Eligible review websites:


The amount of the reward depends on the quality of the review and how many reviews have been approved on your behalf. You can choose between 4 options:

  • Additional AI words per months forever

  • Additional social media connections

  • Additional workspaces creation

  • Additional team members slots

  • Free upgrade to a higher plan

Asking for your reward

To get your reward, simply share proof of submitting the review, choose in which reward you are interested and email hello@creasquare.io

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