๐Ÿงพ How to access my invoices?

Learn how you can access your invoices and receipt to be downloaded

Written by NuraghLast update 3 months ago

Invoices and receipts are automatically sent by email when your payment is successful. You can also access your documents, at any time, within Creasquare:

1 - Go to your subscription page https://creasquare-staging.web.app/settings/subscription

2 - Select your current plan

3 - Once you have been redirected to the stripe interface, navigate to the bottom of the page "INVOICE HISTORY"

4 - Here you can see, print and download your invoices and receipts individually

Note: You will not receive any invoice for the trial period as it is free of charge. Your invoice will automatically be sent once the free trial period is over and your first charge is successful.

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