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Hi there ๐Ÿ‘‹! Well done for signing up for Creasquare and welcome to the future of social media management ! Letโ€™s start by outlining Creasquare's key features.

What is Creasquare?

Creasquare is an Al-powered platform, that makes it easy to create content and schedule it across all your social media platforms!

Creasquare is best used by freelancers, social media managers and marketers, as well as entrepreneurs and small businesses.

All-in-one platform to create stunning content, generate captions with Al, and schedule your posts across multiple social media platforms!

With Creasquare you can:

  • Connect your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts to a unique platform

  • Generate captions in seconds with AI

  • Create content from 100K+ templates

  • Schedule and publish to social media

  • Analyze your performance (coming soon)

  • And much more!

Connect your Social Profiles

First, you will need to connect your social profiles by following these steps:

  1. Access the Connection tab

  2. Select โ€œAdd Newโ€ on your desired network.
    You can connect your Instagram Business accounts, Facebook Pages or Groups, TikTok business accounts, LinkedIn Personal or page, and YouTube Channels to Creasquare.

  3. Log in to your social profile and you are all set! :)

This will grant Creasquare the permission to Schedule, Publish and gather data for you. Learn all about available connections on our Connection guide.

Generate captions with AI

Our Al content writer lets you, with just a few clicks, create unique and engaging content that's optimized for social media platforms. Creates captions with dozens of templates in any language, tone and creativity level.

Save time and effort by using our templates to generates content adapted to your needs. Itโ€™s available in more than 24 languages, and many tones to choose from. You can adjust the results, like the ones you prefer, and copy to your clipboard.

All your AI generated content is automatically saved as projects to help you stay organized.

Lean more about Creasquare's AI writing studio in our guide.

Create stunning designs

The simplest tool ever to design images and create videos. Start from our amazing templates and graphics to make your content stand out and look professional!

You have access to more than 100,000+ professional looking customizable templates. And search through the whole library. And more than 1M+ stock images and videos, so that you will never run out of inspiration!

Our intuitive editor lets you easily create professional-looking content using a library of design elements, fonts, colors, backgrounds, and layouts.

Set up your brand kit, with your logo, typography and colors, and you're all set!

You can remove background in seconds!

Learn more about the Creative studio in our guide.

Schedule and Publish your Posts

Say goodbye to manual publishing forever! Creasquare helps you plan your entire week or month of posting schedule, from your computer, all platforms in a single place. So you can schedule posts in advance and forget about them.

With Creasquare, every time you produce content, youโ€™re only a couple of extra clicks away to adapt it to all your social media pages and have it published everywhere!

Tailor your posts for each social media network like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or YouTube. Take advantage of our first comment feature to better engage with your audience. Preview your content on all platforms before scheduling a new post.

Learn all about Content Scheduling and Publishing on our guide.

Organize your time with the Calendar

What is a content creator without its social calendar? Oversee all of your published and scheduled content across all your social media, in a single view. So you can plan, review and share your schedule easily.

See all your scheduled and published content at a glance, color-coded depending on the platform, with weekly or monthly views to get ahead of your work and save time!

Wondering at what time your audience will see your post? Take advantage of the Time Zone feature to see at what time your post will be issued depending on the location. Learn all about the Content Calendar on our guide.

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