🎬 How to use Creative Studio

Learn how to use the Creative Studio to create professional looking content in seconds

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The Creative Studio is the simplest tool ever to design images and create videos. Start from our amazing templates and graphics to make your content stand out and look professional!

Your imported content

On the first page of the Creative studio you can access your recently imported assets. Here assets from the Creative studio as well as imported assets from the publisher are shown. You can manage your assets:

  • Edit - Open the Studio to edit the asset

  • Publish - Open a new publication to schedule the select asset

  • Delete - Delete the asset from the platform

  • Download - Download the select asset to your computer

Creative studio imported assets

Suggested formats

Once you Access the Creative Studio, you can choose which format you want to use. You can choose from your suggested formats. You can also choose a custom format or start by uploading an asset.

Studio illustration

The list of your recent projects edited with the editing studio are displayed on top. You can also access the list of all your projects directly.

Creative studio screenshot

Using the Studio

Once you have selected a format, you access the editing studio. Inside the studio you can edit and then export your content.


Get access to 100K+ colorful and professional-looking templates for you to use, edit or simply to get inspiration! You can search through the list of all the templates can select the most appropriated for your usecase.

Remove background

Remove the background from any image, make it transparent, and replace it with a new one. It only takes a few seconds!

Free stock images & videos

Get access to 1M+ of free images and videos for you to elaborate your social media content.

Automatic resize

Resize your images and videos in one click, to any format! Quickly repurpose your content for any social media platform and publish across multiple channels

Brand kits

Add your fonts, color palettes, and logos to the brand kit. Easily access your kit at any time to create and edit your content!

Design elements

Start from templates, royalty-free assets or your own content, and add design elements from thousands of shapes, stickers, icons, badges, labels, and more!

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