✍️ How to use the AI Writing studio

Learn how to use Creasquare's AI Writing studio

Written by NuraghLast update 8 months ago

Our AI content writer creates captions with dozens of templates in any language, tone and creativity level.

AI Writing templates

You have access to dozens of templates and tones, and can generate text from simple commands! Use our templates to generate SEO driven content in the blink of an eye. Content generated is 100% authentic, no need to worry about plagiarism.

Both input and output AI generated captions can be in 25+ languages to quickly create content with the right emotion.

Automatic hashtags

Use the dedicated button to instantly generate trending and highly relevant hashtags when scheduling social media posts.

Manage your projects

Our platform helps you keep your projects and saved results organized, with 20+ custom AI writing templates that you can re-use.

Note: Star a project to make it your favorite. It will be displayed on top of all the others projects, for you to be able to re-use it quickly.


All your projects are automatically saved. You can access your projects and create new one from both the dedicated page or the side drawer that can be opened directly from a publication.

List of supported languages (25+)

  • English

  • Dutch

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Polish

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • Brazilian

  • Russian

  • Japanese

  • Chinese

  • Bulgarian

  • Czech

  • Danish

  • Greek

  • Hungarian

  • Lithuanian

  • Latvian

  • Romanian

  • Slovak

  • Slovenian

  • Swedish

  • Finnish

  • Estonian

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